[FANCAFE/TRANS] 17.12.12 Boyfriend – Minwoo Fancafe Update


[민우] ♥ 주말동안 추운데 다들 고생 많았어요 >_<! 잘자요~♥

– [B.F민우] 2012.12.17 월요일 미누미눙민우

[MINWOO] ♥ It’s have been really cold during this weekend and everyone also had lot of suffering >_<! Sleep well~♥

– [B.F MINWOO] 2012.12.17 Monday minu minu-nung Minwoo

[MINWOO] ♥ Benar-benar dingin selama akhir pekan ini dan semuanya juga telah mengalami banyak kesulitan >_<! Tidur nyenyak ~♥

– [B.F MINWOO] 2012.12.17 Senin
minu minu-nung Minwoo

Source : Boyfriend’s Official Fancafe
Trans Korea to Eng+Ind by HamsterWoo @G_Boyfriendindo

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