[FANCAFE/TRANS] 02.01.13 Boyfriend – Jeongmin Fancafe Update


[정민] 쩡미니의 날!!

우리 베푸들♥♥♥생일 많이 축하해줘 서 너무너무~~~ 고마워용 ㅠㅠㅠ!!! 2013년도 함께해용 천년만년~♥

-[B.F정민] 2013.01.02 쪼맨이♡

[Jeongmin] Jeongmin’s Day!!

Our bestfriends ♥♥♥ Thanks a
lot~~~ For congratulate me ㅠㅠ
ㅠ!!! Let’s be together on 2013 and one thousand years or ten
thousand years later~♥

-[B.F Jeongmin] 2013.01.02 Jjeomaeni ♡

[Jeongmin] Harinya Jeongmin!!

Bestfriend kami ♥♥♥ Terima
kasih banyak telah~~~ Memberi
ucapan selamat ㅠㅠㅠ!!! Ayo
bersama-sama pada 2013 dan
seribu tahun atau sepuluh ribu
tahun yang akan datang ~♥

-[B.F Jeongmin] 2013.01.02 Jjeomaeni ♡

Source : Boyfriend Official Fancafe
Trans Korea to Eng + Ind by HamsterWoo @G_Boyfriendindo


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