[TWITTER/TRANS] 06.02.13 Boyfriend – Minwoo at MBC Music Show Champion Twitter Update


대기실에서 꾸벅꾸벅 졸고 있던 민우! 그래도 셀카는 상큼하게ㅎㅎ 오늘 저녁 6시 보이프렌드 ‘아이야’ 굿바이 무대! MBC 뮤직 <쇼챔피언> 본방사수!


Minwoo who nod off to sleep In the waiting room! But the selfca still came out SweetlyㅎㅎToday at 6 PM Boyfriend having goodbye stage “IYAH”! MBC Music watch the broadcasting live!



Minwoo yang terkantuk-kantuk di ruang tunggu! Walau mengantuk selfca-nya tetap terlihat manisㅎㅎHari ini pukul 18:00 Boyfriend akan Goodbye Stage “IYAH” ! MBC Music lihat siaran langsungnya!


Source : showchampion1
Trans Korea to Eng + Ind by HamsterWoo @G_Boyfriendindo

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