[PICT] 21.05.13 『BOYFRIEND LOVE COMMUNICATION 2013』 Official Goods (Sample)


Lightstick (Blue-Star) photo 1_b_zps3d8f7a58.jpg Lightstick (Pink-Love) photo 2_b_zps2464da26.jpg


Fan (Boyfriend) photo 9_b_zps68643224.jpg
Fan (Donghyun) photo 3_b_zpsc870f6e9.jpg Fan (Hyunseong) photo 4_b_zps826ef5f6.jpg Fan (Jeongmin) photo 5_b_zps01098937.jpg Fan (Youngmin) photo 6_b_zps8e544923.jpg Fan (Kwangmin) photo 7_b_zps169a2c34.jpg Fan (Minwoo) photo 8_b_zpsaa553049.jpg

Photo Set

Photo set (1) photo 10_b_zps3e374e4a.jpg Photo set (2) photo 11_b_zps288f467e.jpg

Shopping Bag

Shopping Bag photo 12_b_zps00d62337.jpg

Hand Towel

Hand Towel (LOGO) photo 13_b_zps2bfe197e.jpg
Hand Towel Character (Blue) photo 14_b_zps4ce18921.jpg
Hand Towel Character (Pink) photo 15_b_zps357d6900.jpg


Black T-Shirt photo 16_b_zps0c47c5ec.jpg Pink T-Shirt photo 19_b_zps7d015cf1.jpg


Bandana photo 20_b_zps61b4760f.jpg

Dressy Nail

DressyNail photo 21_b_zps62cf53e3.jpg

Mirror Case

Mirror Case photo 22_b_zpsd99bc2ae.jpg

Mini Hat

Mini Hat photo 23_b_zpse32d8e21.jpg


Necklace (Donghyun) photo 24_b_zps6079ad83.jpg Necklace (Hyunseong) photo 25_b_zps154a4667.jpg Necklace (Jeongmin) photo 26_b_zps999e1a2e.jpg Necklace (Youngmin) photo 27_b_zpse5b246d4.jpg Necklace (Kwangmin) photo 28_b_zpscb98c2ae.jpg Necklace (Minwoo) photo 29_b_zpsd1c3c070.jpg


Pink Bag photo 30_b_zpse6f9d131.jpg


Sticker photo 31_b_zps6b8f4e03.jpg

Couple Socks

Couple Socks (Youngmin&Kwangmin) photo 32_b_zps1dec922a.jpg Couple Socks (Hyunseong&Donghyun) photo 33_b_zpse32a44f9.jpg Couple Socks (Jeongmin&Minwoo) photo 34_b_zps8a9871e8.jpg

Mini Mirror

Mini Mirror photo 35_b_zpse9eca127.jpg

More detail about price and how to order, you can visit Boyfriend Japan official website HERE

Source : boyfriend-jp.com

Re-upload by Diah~ @G_BoyfriendIndo


8 thoughts on “[PICT] 21.05.13 『BOYFRIEND LOVE COMMUNICATION 2013』 Official Goods (Sample)

  1. Huwaaaa pingin kalung yang inisial KM itu~~
    Ohya hari ini debut Boyfriend yang ke 2 tahun yaA. Selamat ya Boyfriend, tetap semangat, kami para BestFriend akan selalu mendukungmu~~ Fighting!! Ppyong!!

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