[PICT/SCANS] 02.07.13 Boyfriend di Majalah 週刊女性

Updated 8P
cr: okuzoh (1) photo weeklywomenjapanjulyokuzoh_1_zps0f48c15a.jpg
cr: okuzoh (8) photo weeklywomenjapanjulyokuzoh_8_zps3a7f2615.jpg cr: okuzoh (2) photo weeklywomenjapanjulyokuzoh_2_zps47573997.jpg cr: okuzoh (7) photo weeklywomenjapanjulyokuzoh_7_zps25676774.jpg
cr: okuzoh (3) photo weeklywomenjapanjulyokuzoh_3_zps541f1401.jpg cr: okuzoh (4) photo weeklywomenjapanjulyokuzoh_4_zpsaa89ace0.jpg cr: okuzoh (5) photo weeklywomenjapanjulyokuzoh_5_zps9a252743.jpg
cr: okuzoh (6) photo weeklywomenjapanjulyokuzoh_6_zps40e67624.jpg

credit : Okuzoh

cr: shufu.co.jp (1) photo 2_zps50986ca5.jpg
cr: shufu.co.jp (2) photo nakaduri_zps971a9b16.jpg

credit: shufu.co.jp

cr: natsusquash (1) photo BOGNmDYCYAAE7Qh_zpsd8fbc868.jpg cr: natsusquash (2) photo BOGNqKpCYAEx_B__zps498e2691.jpg cr: natsusquash (3) photo BOGNwsyCEAE03EQ_zpsf48dea73.jpg

credit: natsuirosquash


Re-Upload by Diah~ @G_BoyfriendIndo


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