[PICT] 06.07.13 Boyfriend di Gogo Ikemen 5 Premiere Greeting, Tokyo

Gogo Ikemen 5 Greeting with 600 fans
cr: cinemacafe.net (1) photo Capture_zpsb94181fa.jpg cr: cinemacafe.net (2) photo Capture_zps534b0c13.jpg cr: cinemacafe.net (3) photo Capture_zps59a11973.jpg
cr: cinemacafe.net (5) photo Capture_zps4d52c824.jpg cr: cinemacafe.net (4) photo Capture_zps97426690.jpg cr: cinemacafe.net (6) photo Capture_zps0928b42c.jpg
cr: cinemacafe.net (7) photo Capture_zps9be27cf3.jpg  photo Capture_zps47fb0fb7.jpg

credit : cinemacafe.net

cr: news-gate.jp (1) photo 204090_400_zpsb2b18c50.jpg cr: news-gate.jp (2) photo 204091_400_zps0d399c73.jpg cr: news-gate.jp (9) photo 204103_400_zps3bb1633e.jpg
cr: news-gate.jp (3) photo 204093_400_zpsc0743dc0.jpg cr: news-gate.jp (4) photo 204098_400_zpsac681213.jpg cr: news-gate.jp (5) photo 204096_400_zpsd7b0b90c.jpg
cr: news-gate.jp (6) photo 204099_400_zps1e280266.jpg cr: news-gate.jp (8) photo 204101_400_zps24ab1203.jpg cr: news-gate.jp (7) photo 204100_400_zps3471da29.jpg
cr: news-gate.jp (10) photo 204104_400_zps04d10d35.jpg cr: news-gate.jp (11) photo 204105_400_zps76bd4f67.jpg cr: news-gate.jp (12) photo 204111_400_zps3ab9784d.jpg

credit: news-gate.jp

cr: @photonbank_kj (1) photo BOd3KMPCAAEJQfk_zps54ea02a1.jpg cr: @photonbank_kj (2) photo BOdbQ7kCUAAqv8m_zpsd0c3fcee.jpg

credit : photobank_kj

cr: eiga.com (1) photo gogo1_large_zps03e6c466.jpg cr: eiga.com (5) photo gogo5_large_zps1277a090.jpg
cr: eiga.com (6) photo gogo6_large_zpse1093ea5.jpg cr: eiga.com (7) photo gogo7_large_zps99cd2194.jpg
cr: eiga.com (2) photo gogo2_large_zpsafdfa4ef.jpg cr: eiga.com (2) photo gogo3_large_zpse70c1d24.jpg cr: eiga.com (4) photo gogo4_large_zps4f21824a.jpg

credit: eige.com

cr: cinequinto.exblog.jp (1) photo a0111848_16382384_zpsed3e26ad.jpg
cr: cinequinto.exblog.jp (2) photo a0111848_17123636_zps44fa1331.jpg

credit: cinequinto.exblog.jp

cr: korepo (1) photo korepo1_zps63ff44d5.jpg cr: korepo (2) photo korepo1_zps3e9918f3.jpg cr: korepo (3) photo korepo1_zps52231506.jpg
cr: korepo (7) photo korepo1_zpscc943027.jpg cr: korepo (5) photo korepo1_zps910eae39.jpg cr: korepo (9) photo korepo1_zps47492ff5.jpg
cr: korepo (4) photo korepo1_zps92382329.jpg cr: korepo (6) photo korepo1_zps378ff24f.jpg cr: korepo (8) photo korepo1_zps1c85fbd5.jpg

credit: korepo

cr: nikkansports photo nikkansports_zps9ebe7d9a.jpg

credit: nikkonsports

cr: daily.co.jp photo daily_zps60436c8e.jpg

credit: daily.co.jp


Re-Upload by Diah @G_BoyfriendIndo


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