1st Single Boyfriend


Official Photo

 photo BF2_zps4fe5568d.jpg
 photo BF_zps698166b9.jpg
 photo DH2_zps5ef46ff3.jpg  photo Donghyun_zps8dabd16b.jpg  photo HS2_zps32a4ed33.jpg  photo Hyunseong_zpsd73b3f10.jpg  photo JM2_zps7d348473.jpg  photo Jeongmin_zpsde06805a.jpg  photo YM2_zps72620717.jpg  photo Youngmin_zpsc1660f50.jpg  photo KM2_zpsbcafa37b.jpg  photo Kwangmin_zps0f5e0bdf.jpg  photo MW2_zps0e142a40.jpg  photo Minwoo_zps4a562c7d.jpg

Track List

  1. Let`s Get It Started (Lirik)
  2. Boyfriend (Lirik)
  3. You & I (Lirik)
  4. Boyfriend (Inst.)
  5. You & I (Inst.)

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